"This is what hip hop is about."”

— ThisIs50.com (2017)

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Paco the G Train Bandit is a Queens (NYC) based hip-hop artist.  His music is unapologetic and raw, sharing personal stories through impressive lyricism.  From drinking cheap whiskey and wilding out, to frustration over injustice and confronting his own privilege, to coping with depression and his wife being his anchor, to ambition and turning what little we all have into a life we can be happy with.  Paco is grown and brings his life experience to every line.

An indie artist to the core, Paco built his own recording studio (DirtyLife) from the ground up, and tours regularly around the globe, even to unlikely places like Cambodia, Ireland, and Vietnam.  He is the founder/director of an after-school music program for teens where they can collaborate, learn, record, and develop their own music.

Paco's live shows bring you into his experience, with high energy head-banging, fist up moments, and bars for days.  It's clear from the way he raps that Paco was raised by classic hip-hop culture.

Similar artists in the mainstream today include Logic, Big Sean, G Eazy, and J Cole.

Major Press:  Hot97 (major radio NYC), Hot93.7 (major radio CT), Shade45, TeamBackpack, ThisIs50.com, SOHH.com, PopDust.com, OK-tho.com, GrindMode

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Facebook 2,899 likes (videos between 10k and 60k views)
Soundcloud 1,058 followers (songs between 5k and 30k plays)
Instagram 1,355 followers.

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